You can't login or reset password. Why you are in this page?


If you are not able to login that's mean your work is not done under 98% accuracy. If you can login that's mean you are doing everything ok. As we told you in starting and mention in our website that for getting regular payment and long term work, you have to give work with minimum 98% accuracy.

Here are an automated system, if this will not found your work with minimum 98% accuracy this will stop you from login. This can be happen anytime after your joining. Auto checking process works on date 1st, 10th, 20th. No matter how many days work you have done in these date.

It's not depend on how much time you have given in your work, it's depend on how much quality you are giving? If you are in this page that's mean everything is not 100% ok.

But don't worry you will receive full report of your work what you have done and what is wrong in your work. Please go here and you can ask for your work report. ASK HERE FOR WORK REPORT